WAYS TO KEEP SPIDERS OUT OF YOUR HOMESpiders are something most people are not crazy about and they certainly do not want them in their home. Keeping these spiders away from you, your family and your pets helps to keep your home safer and healthier. Here are some the ways to keep spiders out of your home:

  • Pure peppermint oil is strong and not only do spiders absolutely hate it, but most other pests do too. You can grab a plastic spray bottle and combine peppermint oil with water to make it last longer and to dilute the oil a bit so it does not irritate the skin of people or pets. Simply spray this everywhere spiders tend to go.
  • If you do not like the smell of peppermint yet you are a fan of citrus fruits like lemons or oranges, then you can always do the same trick but with lemon peels this time. Simply put, rub some lemon peels on the baseboards, the bookshelves as well as the window sills.
  • Cats can be great spider deterrent! They love to hunt and when they see a spider crawling on the floor, the game is on!
  • White vinegar has about five trillion uses around the house (look it up!), and repelling spiders is one of them! Repelling spiders with vinegar is much like repelling them with peppermint oil, in that you fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water, and spray all the cracks and crevices around your home.
  • Last, but not least, another great natural spider repellent is made of one part coconut oil, two parts water. Just mix the solution and spray it across the main spider entry points.

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