Rice water is nothing but water residue or rice or water strained after cooking rice in it. Asian women have used rice water to beautify their face, body and hair. Rice water helps cleanse the hair, nourish the scalp and also make it soft and shiny. Here is how you could wash your hair with the miracle rice water; But before heading on to it, let us first know how to make rice water!

Rice Water for Shiny Hair


To make rice water, first rinse the rice with about a cup of water to remove any dirt or impurities. Then, place the rice in a bowl and cover with water. Let the rice soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Swirl it around or lightly knead it until the water turns cloudy. This will help the vitamins and minerals seep into the water, creating a nourishing hair wash. Now strain out the rice water into a clean bowl. Your rice water is ready to be used. For extra nourishment, add a few drops of essential oils such as rosemary, lavender or chamomile.


Cleansing hair conditioner:

Rice water is considered to be an excellent cleansing hair conditioner. After shampooing, pour rice water on your hair/scalp and massage. Leave it on for a few minutes then wash it.

Fermented rice water shampoo:

To make fermented rice water shampoo, prepare rice water according to the method listed above and allow it to sit in a jar at room temperature for one or two days. Add some castile soap to it and use it as you regularly use shampoo. Wash it off with cold water.

Rice water cleansing paste:

Rice water cleansing paste not only cleanses your hair and adds shine to it but also exfoliates the scalp. Make a paste of rice water and rice flour and use it to scrub your scalp. If you have dry scalp, add few drops of coconut oil to it.

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