We demand a lot from our feet. They carry our bodies around all day, often from within uncomfortable shoes. It’s no wonder many of us end up with blisters, pain, odour, and even fungus like athlete’s foot. Fortunately, there is a miracle all-purpose ingredient for all your foot problems- vinegar! Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid and is both versatile and harmless. We use it to cook, clean, and now to treat our tired, aching, stinky feet! Vinegar foot soak is effective in de-stinking your feet, cleansing the foot and area in between nails, softening the skin and also healing minor bruises.


  • Softens feet and treats calluses
  • Helps feet get rid of odour
  • Cleanses feet and nails
  • Heals minor wounds
  • Removes dead skin cells


Things you need: 3 cups white vinegar, 20 drops thyme essential oil, 4 tablespoons Epsom salt and ½ cup of dried lavender.

Method: Fill half bucket with warm water. Add vinegar, thyme oil, Epsom salt and lavender to it. Put a lid on it so as to soak the lavender flowers and dissolve the other ingredients properly. After few minutes, put your feet in the bucket/tub and relax for 30 minutes. Do this once a week to get rid of foot problems and also to prevent it.

Caution: Avoid the treatments listed below if you have diabetes. People with diabetes should have their health care team treat any foot issues.

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