Sensitive ears can be very annoying for girls who love long heavy earrings. They can lead to sore and inflamed ear lobes and can get serious with pus formation. Some people may experience inflammation from gold or silver, but mostly it may happen due to artificial earrings. Here are the simple tricks how you can use Vaseline for your sensitive ears:

  • One common trick that you can follow is coating the earring hooks with Vaseline. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Coating the earring hooks with something that provides a barrier of sorts between your sensitive ears and the offending earring. Amazing!VASELINE FOR SENSITIVE EARS
  • Alternatively, you can mix melaleuca essential oil with Vaseline and make your own Vaseline for sensitive ears. You can coat the earring hooks with this everytime you wear it. Melaleuca has powerful healing properties and combined with the waterproof barrier that the vaseline provides, it’s the perfect combination.
  • You can even use the above mentioned mixture as an ear lobe mask to treat sensitivity and mild initiated inflammation. Just apply it on the ear lobes and keep for 2 hours before washing off.
  • You can make a mixture of coconut oil and Vaseline too and apply to the earring hooks. This can also be applied to the ear lobes to heal soreness and inflammation.
  • Coating the earring hook with clear nail polish and recoating it with Vaseline for extra care works like a charm! This way you can wear almost all kinds of earrings. This trick works great for people with nickel allergy as it gives an extra protection!

Use these easy tricks with Vaseline for sensitive ears and feel free to wear any kind of earrings you wish!

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