We love paints but hate the after work of cleaning it. The paint components differs from the type of the work that we carry out. Some paints like water colours are easy to go whereas oil paints are difficult to go.The paint that is stuck in the bristles is tough to depart with. Here are few of the tips to remove paint from the paint brush

Vinegar: Vinegar is a natural cleanser and has multiple benefits. Take vinegar in a container and put the brush inside it such that all the bristles are fully covered in vinegar. Let it be soaked completely for an hour. Now set the container to boil for few minutes. do not heat it too much. Just keep the temperature low and set it to boil. Take it off and allow it to cool down. The paint will start leaving the paint brush. Take out the brush and just comb it for the paint to completely come out. Rinse it with  normal water so that the remaining paint also wards off easily. Dry the paint brush before placing it in the safe.

Wipe it off: The dry paint is difficult to remove but not the wet ones. Once you are done with your painting task, take an old newspaper and immediately wipe off the brush. The excess paint will come out immediately. You can also use a rough cloth to take that extra paint away from your paint brush

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