Ink stains are common if you have kids at home. When I was a kid, I always returned home from school with ink stains on my school uniforms and on the pockets due to leakage. Ink stains are tough to remove; after all it’s a form of dye. Removing ink stains from your clothes, furniture and carpet can be costly and definitely time consuming.

Here are some easy ways to remove ink stains from clothes, furniture and carpet:


To remove ink stains from your clothes, furniture or carpet, you need an alcohol based hair spray and lots of paper towels. Liberally spray hairspray on the stain and let it soak. Make sure the stain doesn’t dry. Now, place paper towel on the stain and dab it. Follow the dab and blot method for a while until all the stain is lifted. You can repeat this until you are sure there is no ink residue left. You can finally spray some water on the stain and blot and let it air dry, if the stain is on your clothes, toss it in washing machine.


Take vinegar in a spray bottle and add few drops of liquid soap in it. Mix it gently and spray it liberally on the stain. Take a clean damp cloth and gently dab the area. Spray water and again dab. Repeat this process until the entire stain is lifted. Do not rub it since the ink has the tendency to spread. Toss your clothes I washing machine and let the carpet and furniture air dry.


Baking soda solution can be used to remove stains from hard surfaces like furniture and thick carpet. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and water making sure the solution feels goopy. Pour the solution on the stain and let it stay fir few minutes. If it dries up, spray some water on it and gently rub with a bristle brush. Once the stain is all lifted, blot it with paper towel. Spray some clean water and again keep bloating and let the surface air dry.

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