Tips to protect your hair from Dandruff

Dandruff  free

Dandruff is the major problem in both male and female. It blocks the growth of hair and it’s also one of the cause for growth of  pimple. Mentioned below some of the tips which helps in getting dandruff free hair.Tips to protect your hair from Dandruff

  • Stop Sharing Brush : Try to avoid using or sharing brushes with others , keep a separate brush for yourself and brush from root to hair end, This encourages oil on your scalp to spread evenly through your hair. Don’t brush your hair immediately after the head bath as it will results in hair loss.
  • Avoid eating Dairy products: What you eat also plays a very important role when  it comes  skin or hair related problems. To have a dandruff free scalp, avoid dairy products as these can worsen your dandruff.
  • Include Ginger in your Diet: Dandruff can also be caused by improper digestion. Make ginger part of your diet as this spice can help improve your digestion as well as reduces growth of dandruff, apart from this you can also add sunflower seeds and wheat germ which is good for controlling sebum production on your scalp and skin.
  • Hygiene Living: The dirt and dust also one of the cause for growth of dandruff, the smoke pollution and other dirt clogging up the pores on your scalp, causing scalp to react by producing more oil than necessary. Try to cover your hair while travelling, use clean brushes and use clean pillows covers and towels this helps in reducing dandruff.
  • Hair Care : Apply oil and do a regular head massage. This helps in the blood circulation and growth of hair. Avoid using shampoo daily, don’t sleep wet hair as it escalate your dandruff problem, So make sure your hair is dry before sleep. And last but not the least don’t take too much of stress as this can arise with many other skin, hair and health related problems.

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