Tips To Prevent color Bleeding

Bleeding color from cloths is one of the biggest encounter that everyone faces, so before you set to wash check out below the list of steps that you can follow to prevent the color bleeding from cloths.

Tips To Prevent color Bleeding

Step 1: When you wash the new cloths for the first time make sure you wash it separately.

Step 2: Always separate the cloths before you put them to wash. You can sort it as light cloths and dark cloths and then wash it separately. Doing this can avoid dark cloths bleeding on the light cloths.

Step 3: Make sure you always wash white cloths separately, this will prevent bleeding of color from other cloths and keeps your white cloths bright and try to wash them in the hot water.

Step 4: Always wash color cloths in cold water as this can less likely to fade, wrinkle or shrink in cold water than hot water. Cold-water detergent may also be used for extra-soiled clothing.

Step 5 : One thing to remember when you wash your jeans cloths is put them to wash inside out in the machine. The dark jeans are most likely to bleed their dye onto other cloths. By putting them inside out they bleed less and also gets cleaned.

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