Tips to get rid of Fridge Odour fast

I am foodie, love eating at mid nights too. When I refer mid night the once place stored with food is my Fridge but the bad smell of food always trigger me in my dreams too. So here I came up with some simple tips to get rid of fridge odour which just leaves my fridge with the smell of my choice.

Tips to get rid of Fridge Odour

Vanilla Extract: Dip the cotton bolls in the vanilla extract and place them in the shelf of the fridge. This will turn your entire fridge with your chosen scent.

Baking soda: Baking soda has an excellent absorbing quality and helps to get rid of excessive moisture. Just sprinkle the baking soda in the fridge this will reduce the fridge odour.

Bowl of Oats: Just place a bowl of oats in the fridge this helps in sucking in the foul fridge odor.

Bowl of coffee grounds: Place a bowl of coffee ground in the fridge, coffee grounds is an excellent absorbing agent. ThisĀ helps a great deal to suck in the bad smell.

Onions: This is one of the old technique I can say. Place a piece of large onion in the fridge this absorbs the smell and the excess moisture.


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