Simple and Easy Tips to Clean Camera Lens

Having Camera is always fun and exciting. You get to learn so many interesting things from it, and try clicking the new shorts that turns to be your life long memory. So once you have your personal camera it also turns important to take care of it. The best thing you can do for your camera is keeping the lens clean and dust free. Will tel you some simple tips which you can follow in your travel to take care of your Cam.

Tips to Clean Camera Lens

Lens Cleaning Solution: The lens cleaning solutions are easily available in Camera stores or even online. Clean the lens with this solution with the help of soft cloth.

Go natural : If anytime you forget your lens cleaning solution just breath on the lens to create a fog and then clean with the soft cloth.

Brush to remove dust: Always hold a camera brush which helps to clean the dirt completely as the soft cloth will not reach the corners of the lens.

Silica Gel Packets: These little packs are usually found when you purchase new purse, place this at the bottom of your camera bag to ward off the moisture from getting on your camera or its lens.

Bubble plastic cover : Have you seen the plastic bubble cover which you get in new electronic purchase. Grab it and cover the camera and lens with the bubble plastic as it  protects from any scratch.

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