The Best Sugar Alternatives For Baking

Whether you want to lose weight or just
choose to eat healthy, there could be many a reason for which you would like to go sugar-free when
it comes baking the most delicious cakes and muffins. Well, it is a known fact that sugar adds taste
as well as texture to your baked goodies- it lends that golden brown color, that moistness and the
puffy feel too! However, breaking free from sugar doesn’t mean that you have to eat your cakes dry
and your cookies dull. There are easy and healthy alternatives to sugar that make your baked items
equally delectable. Check them out:

The Best Sugar
Alternatives For Baking


  • It helps regulate sugar intake, thereby helping
    you adhere to a diet that suits your weight-loss or diabetic needs.
  • It adds health
    factor to your otherwise sinfully sweet recipes. Intake of both carbs and calories is
  • It gives you the scope to experiment with a variety of ingredients that add
    sweetness to your cakes and crumbs sans the ill effects of sugar.
  • It teaches you
    something new and with every sugar alternative, you learn to adjust the proportion of other
    ingredients used during baking.


  • HONEY: Add a dash of antioxidants to your recipes
    by adding honey instead of sugar. Replace every cup of sugar with A? cup of honey and also reduce
    the liquid content by 1/5th Adding honey is a great way to have your cakes moist with
    added benefits of Vitamin B and Vitamin C.
    scrumptious treat of oatmeal cookies, use A? cup applesauce instead of refined sugar of equal
    quantity and you are sorted!
  • BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES: For every cup of
    sugar, you need 1 and 1/3 cup of blackstrap molasses, rich in minerals and vitamins. Bake your
    cookies and spiced bread with that distinct, hearty flavour using blackstrap molasses- just don’t
    forget to add A? tsp baking soda and reduce the liquid content by 1/3 cup.
  • BANANA PUREE: Wish to bake that loaf of your favorite banana bread? Puree extra
    ripe bananas and use it in your recipe. There will be no need to add sugar as this fruit is
    naturally sweet.


  • Add lots of
    fruit puree and dates to your recipes for extra flavour and moisture.
  • Use wholemeal
    flour instead of refined flour for that healthy twist you are craving for.
  • Use raw
    cacao powder instead of chocolate for a rich flavor.

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