Rose water is a natural ingredient with numerous beneficial healing properties for the hair, eyes and skin. Rose water has been said to stabilize your hair’s pH balance because it is nearer to that of hair and can aid in repairing hair’s damaged porosity. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and with its natural antiseptic properties it can reduce or lessen dandruff caused by fungal infections. Some even feel it promotes hair growth although there has been no scientific link proven. It is thought to have stimulating properties.

ROSE WATER FOR HAIR GROWTHHere are some of the ways you could use rose water for hair growth:

  • This is probably the simplest way to use rose water in your hair care regimen. You can dilute your regular shampoo with rose water and wash as normal.
  • You could combine 1 cup rose water with few drops jojoba oil and 1 capsule of vitamin E. Mix ingredients together and apply to wet hair and scalp. Massage for at least 10 min. and then shampoo and style as usual.
  • A mixture of rosewater and glycerine when applied on the scalp will help to nourish the scalp and hair roots. This strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.
  • Prepare a paste with methi leaves and rosewater. Spread it lavishly on the scalp and leave it for about 45 minutes   before washing it off.

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