Rice water basically brightens the complexion and tightens the pores. It strengthens the hair shaft with protein. Rice water is popular for its use in beauty purposes, especially in Asia. Rice water is in fact an inexpensive but effective beauty ingredient. It can be used on all kind of skin types. Rice water helps in reducing hyper pigmentation, sunspots, age spots etc.

Rice water toner helps in making the skin smooth and soft. It reduces the redness, removes pimples and makes the skin even. Let me now tell you how to make rice water skin toner. 


  • Airtight container
  • Uncooked raw rice- 4 spoons
  • Water

Pour water enough for the rice to soak completely in the container.Now put the rice into it.
Let it soak for 1-2 hours. After an hour the rice will start to look milky white. The toner is now ready to use. Filter this water and store it in the airtight container.

To use: Take a cotton ball and soak some toner in it. Gently apply this on your face in a patting motion.

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