Rice Water for hair Growth

It’s a known fact that having healthy hair takes a lot of care and protection. While I have been using various methods to keep my hair healthy and shiny without using any chemicals or off the shelf products, there is one such method which has always been one of favourites when I am running out of time and look for an easy homemade remedy to condition my hair.

rice water for hair growth

The next time you cook rice, do not forget to save the cooked water for its magical hair growth benefits. Rice water contains vitamins, enzymes, and minerals to hydrate, strengthen and grow longer hair. The starch helps stimulate your scalp, boost hair growth and add amazing shine. 

Method : Take an empty spray bottle, add 100-200ml rice water and few drops of essential oil of your choice.My personal preference would be lavender oil for its hair growth properties. Spray it onto your hair and leave it on for 30 mins or overnight before you rinse it off. 

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