When it comes to cooking, you are bound to make mistakes sometime or the other especially if you are new with cooking and the most common mistake is adding excess salt! Excess salt not only makes your dish taste sour but it also isn’t healthy. Before considering throwing away the curry or liquid dish you messed up or consuming it as it is, below are some easy tips and tricks to get rid of excess salt in it:


  1. Take ripe potatoes and cut them into large chunks so that they don’t get mashed with the gravy. Let the curry boil with the potatoes for next 10-15 minutes. The potatoes can help to absorb the excess salt in curry. Don’t forget to remove the potatoes from the gravy.
  2. If you have a dal or soup with excessive of salt in it, make two to three small dough of flour and then put it in the curry. Cover the lid so that the excess salt gets into the dough sooner. Switch off the flame after 15 minutes and remove the dough before serving.
  3. One of the easiest ways to reduce salt from the curry is by adding water to it. You can simply add some water which would increase the quantity by reduce the amount of salt in it.
  4. Adding ½ cup of coconut milk can also help to aid the excess salt in the curry or the gravy.
  5. One of the most effective Indian ways to remove the excess salt is by adding few tablespoon of yoghurt or milk cream to the gravy. Let the gravy boil with some time and get mixed with the gravy.
  6. You can also add some milk instead of water to reduce the excess salt in the gravy. Adding milk is better than water as it adds taste and also flavor to the recipe.
  7. You can add some more vegetables to the curry so that the amount of salt in the dish gets balanced. Add some finely chopped tomatoes and onion to the gravy and stir it till the tomatoes are turned mashy. No need to add more salt this time.
  8. Another simple method is adding in cashew paste. This not only reduces the sourness but also makes the curry thick and tasty.