Remove odor from clothes

Removing the odor from the clothes can be easy with homemade products. We spend huge amounRemove odor from clothest of money on the washing detergents but still not able to remove off the odor from the washed cloths. So try this simple method to remove off the musty odor from clothes.

#Method 1: Put the cloths into washing machine and run as you run regularly. Drain off the water after the first cycle. Now add one cup of vinegar, Borax powder and vinegar directly into the water and run the washing machine. These ingredients kill mold spores and remove off the bad smells

#Method 2: To remove the odor smell from the dry cloths just pour few pinch of baking soda on the cloths and let it sit overnight on the clothes. Take the cloth outside the house and shake it well to remove off the baking soda and use soft brush to remove off the excess baking soda from the cloths.

#Method 3: You can remove off the odor even with the help of vinegar. Transfer the vinegar to the spray bottle and spray it all over the cloths without missing the spot. Hang it out in the sunlight this will weaken the musty smell.


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