Although sticking a layer of film on a screen sounds easy, applying a screen protector and taking it off again can be frustrating. Here are some of the tricks you could try to remove the mobile screen protector:

REMOVE MOBILE SCREEN PROTECTOR WITH EASETry using the tooth pick to create a gap at any of the corners. Now gently peel little more with your nails till the strip is long enough to comfortably pull. Once this done, you can gently peel off the screen protector! Use could also use a tongues tool or equivalent to grab the edge and finally start peeling it off.

You can also use a credit card to peel off the screen protector. If you find a weak spot, gently use your fingernail or a thin spatula to pull up the protector. If the weak spot is on the corner or edge of the screen, try pushing it up with a credit card!

If the above tips don’t seem to work, you could definitely try the scotch tape method. Attach one end of a piece of sticky tape to a corner of the device’s screen. Push the tape down firmly, so it sticks to the screen protector, and pull it up. The tape may bring the protector with it as you pull, and you can then peel it off. If this doesn’t work, give it another couple of tries with some fresh tape and test out different corners to see if you can find one where the protector is weaker.

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