The difficult stain to remove off is the grease stains! due to its oily content its difficult to get rid of it easily, and if not cleansed properly, it can lead to permanent smelly stains. Checkout below some of tips which can help you out to get rid of these stubborn grease stains.


Baby Powder : If your cloths are having grease, splatter just dab the stain with some baby powder. Now remove off the powder and brush off the excess powder, repeat this until the mark is gone completely.

Rub Chalk: Lets get back to school days, just rub the chalk on the grease spots and let it absorb the oil before you brush it off. If the stain lingers, rub chalk into it again before laundering.

Shaving Cream : If you accidentally drop the greasy food on the carpet and the stain is hard to remove then just pour some shaving cream on the grease affected spot and let it dry completely, with the wet sponge or cloth clean the area. Repeat the procedure until the mark is gone completely.

White Vinegar: Take equal part of water and white vinegar, this solution is used to remove off the  grease stains from the kitchen table and also neutralize any odors from the table.

Talcum Powder: This procedure might take some time but it will leave the place clean from grease. If your carpet has got grease stains just sprinkle talcum powder around the affected area and let it sit for 6 hours to absorb the grease completely from the carpet then vacuum it off.

Club Soda: Love eating food when it is cooked in cast iron but later when it come to the cleaning part of these heavy pots and pans with the sticky grease your fun comes to an end. With the help of club soda you can turn your cleaning a lot easier just pour club soda in the pan while it is still warm, this bubbly soda will keep the mess from sticking.

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