Beet is a well-known natural staining agent. It is a well known remedy to make your lips plumper, healthier and naturally pink.

To achieve that you need to peel and chop the beet up into tiny pieces. Use a mixer/processor to make a fine paste. Filter the paste using a muslin cloth. Use a roll on container or an old clean lip gloss tube to pour the liquid in.

natural beet lip and cheek stain

Natural Lip and cheek stain:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Beet

Blend a beet for a thick paste and add it to a bowl. Add a tsp of coconut oil and mix everything well together.

You can also use organic beet powder to make natural lip and cheek stain. Use a tsp of beet powder and mix it with a tsp of shea butter or coconut oil ( you can add more beet powder to darken the colour) for a natural lip and cheek stain. You can also use beet powder for a natural powder blush. 

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