Make the Perfect Cup of Tea with These Steeping Times

Teas are available in varieties- green tea, oolong tea, hibiscus tea, camomile tea, black tea, basil tea etc. are to name a few. Some teas are made by adding milk while others are made by simply steeping in water. There are also some teas that are first steeped in water and then milk is added like the Indian masala chai or simply chai. Herbal teas are usually made by simply steeping in water and the water extract is consumed. Here is how to properly steep tea and specific steeping times for different teas:

Make the Perfect Cup of Tea with These Steeping TimesHOW TO STEEP TEA:


Simmering tea leaves in water is one method of steeping tea. You first simmer and let the tea leaves cool in the water itself; this way all the essential nutrients or compounds from the tea leaves/herb get into the water and you get all the essential benefits. Actual steeping time starts after you put the flame off.


Another method is to just steep the tea leaves/herbs in hot water. This way, you get a light tea which is not very strong. You simply put the herbs in porous tea bag and suspend it in hot water or you can simply use readily available tea bags.


Each tea variety has different compounds and active components I it. They all can be extracted and dissolved in water under certain temperatures and steeping times. Boiling water is always the best but steeping times differ. Also, perfect steeping time makes your tea taste god because of all the all compounds mixed in water. Avoid over steeping as it conly spoil the flavour of your tea and make it taste bitter or pungent.


Peppermint tea: 1-3 minutes (you can play with the strength)

Camomile tea: 2-3 minutes

Green tea: 2 minutes

Black tea- 3-5 minutes

Oolong tea: 3 minutes

Fruit tea: 4-5 minutes

White tea: 1-3 minutes

Yellow tea- 1-2 minutes

Hibiscus tea: 4-5 minutes

Jasmine tea: 3-4 minutes

Fennel tea: 5-6 minutes

Ginger tea: 4-5 minutes

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