Lemon is a wonderful cleanser and cleanses the skin without disturbing its mantle. Lemon is also a natural astringent and helps to tighten the skin. It is used in cosmetic creams, face wash, pre- bath creams, cleansers, scrubs and face masks.

lemon for baby soft feet

Of all of our body parts, our feet remain the most neglected one. Our feet also require a lot of care as it remains strained throughout the day. Here are some of the tips to brighten our feet.

To soften the feet:

Take a lemon. Squeeze the juice out of it. Add a little granulated sugar to it. Apply this to your feet and rub your feet till the sugar melts. Wash your feet with warm water.

Follow the above procedure for a month and you can see remarkable changes in your feet. Don’t throw the used lemon as it can be reused again. It is a most economical and easy method that one can follow sitting at home.

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