Lemon and Clove Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are a big problem especially in summers and rainy season and can spread malaria and dengue. It is important to use mosquito repellents be it a device or product to keep them at bay.there are tons of mosquito repellent sprays in the market but they all contain toxic ingredients. looking out for a natural hack? Try the below lemon and clove mosquito repellent!

Lemon and Clove Mosquito Repellent

Step 1- Grab a lemon and slice it into half.

Step 2- Take a halve and poke cloves into the pulp side.

Step 3- Make several such lemons and place it int the corners of windows and into your home garden.

Step 4- Change it every alternate day.

Tip- For extra benefits, add few drops eucalyptus oil on the lemons.

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