Storing groceries is the main concern among people since improper storage can lead them to rot or groceries would have a shorter life. Bananas get brown and spoilt really soon thanks to the great amount of ethylene gas it emits! Banana along with getting self-ripe als ripens fruits around it so it necessary to store it properly which not only will save other fruits from getting rotten but will also increase the shelf life of bananas! Below are some tips on how to keep banana fresh for days:



To keep a bunch of bananas fresh for longer, wrap the stems in some plastic wrap. This method prevents the ethylene gas from reaching other parts of the fruit and prematurely ripening it. This technique is hit or miss, but it certainly is better than nothing, though.


Anther trick is removing the banana skin altogether and manually apply a thin layer of diluted lemon juice on the banana and storing it in the fridge for 3-4 days or more or countertops for as long as they get mushy. The acid disrupts the enzymatic breakdown process and prevents your sweet, sweet banana slices from turning mushy and brown.


If your bananas are already ripe and you want to save them for longer, simply slice them or dice them and place them in a plate properly. Cover the plate with a plastic film wrap and toss it into the freezer. Before eating, keep the plate at room temperature for 15 minutes.


If you want to store bananas for 1-2 months or more and use them in smoothies, cakes, desserts etc. this trick is the best! Blend the bananas or mash them using a fork and transfer it into a clean zip lock bag. You can also drizzle them with just a bit of lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. Put it in the freezer and use as required.