IPhone is a great phone to have with all the amazing apps and features. Having your very own IPhone is a great feeling in itself. You might be very happy with your purchase of new apple iPhone, after all the entire app store has some amazing apps, games and what not! You went on downloading everything, stored all your precious pictures and finally got annoyed with frequent pop up messages saying ‘storage full’. Are you facing this and thinking what to do? Wait a second before you buy more storage or switch to a new apple device with higher storage! Below are some tips and tricks that will instantly get you more storage:


Delete unwanted texts: We all have a habit of reading text messages and forgetting it all together. When you are going to read it in future or perhaps do not need it in future, it’s better to delete them all together. If you are getting ‘storage almost full’ message, simple head on t your messages and delete them. You also have an option to ‘stop storing texts’.

Do not double-save the photos: If you click pictures in HDR mode or use a lot of instagram, you might have multiple pictures saved. HDR and instagram stores the original as well as the edited/new image eating up your space twice.  Make sure you delete one image out of the two. Or- Open the instagram app, tap your profile tab and then tap the settings icon in the upper right corner. Untick the toggle next to ‘save original photos.

Stop photo stream: Photo stream saves your pictures as “device-optimized resolution,” which are just duplicates of your pictures. To turn Photo Stream off, open the settings app and go to photos & camera and toggle off ‘Upload to my photo stream’.