Iphone Photography Tips

iphone photography
Iphone is knows for its excellent camera clarity. Moreover, the iOS also comes with the inbuilt camera app with some handy features that every iPhone photographer should know.
  1. Enable GRID : This feature provides a grid overlay which helps in composing your shots based on rule of thirds. The rule of third is a basic principle of professional photography. To enable this go to settings – photos & camera.
  2. Enable HDR : High Dynamic Range feature blends three separate exposures : a bright one, a normal one and a dark one into one single photo. This helps in improving the image quality to a great extent. To enable tap on HDR at the top of camera preview.
  3. Adjust focus : Tap on the person or the object in the preview screen. You will notice the screen pulse as the camera auto adjusts.
  4. Exposure Control : Tap anywhere on the camera preview to bring up the focus square. Tap and hold the sun icon, move the slider up and down to Lighten or darken a photo.
  5. AE/AF lock : The auto-exposure and auto-focus feature helps to get a proper balance and sharpness on photos. Tap and hold on the camera preview until AE/AF banner appears. Click picture when ready. To unlock focus tap anywhere on the screen.
  6. Photos App : Use the in-built photo app to give a final touch to the picture with simple photo filters, tool and adjustments.

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