Do you hate to see dark circles or puffy eyes when you wake up ?? They can make you look sick and horrible.

DIY EYE PADS FOR DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFY EYESSo follow these tips to instantly refresh your eyes, reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes:

Soak few cotton pads in strong brewed coffee or green tea , gently squeeze the cotton pads against your palm to remove excess water, place the wet cotton pads in the zip pouch bag and store them in the freezer to be frozen overnight. (if you don’t have cotton pads then you can use a clean soft cotton cloth)

  1. The next morning take the cotton pads, use it on your eyes and on the dark circles, keep moving and gently pressing the cotton pad around your eyes.
  2. When the ice has melted from the cotton pads then you can cut the cotton pads into half to place it under your eyes and continue with the rest of your work, remove the cotton pads when you feel it isn’t chilled or cold anymore.
  3. Follow up with a gentle massage around your eyes with an eye cream or homemade coffee eye serum.
  4. You can do this before going to bed, as well as in the morning.
  5. The iced pads should give your eyes an instant cooling effect and refresh them

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