How To Use Salt To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Losing your sleep over itchy scalp and dandruff? The good news is that you can now treat dandruff in the most cost-effective and natural way by laying your hands on something as readily available as salt! Check out how you can use salt to get rid of dandruff:

How To Use Salt To Get Rid Of Dandruff


  • Clogging of pores contributes significantly to formation of dandruff. Rubbing your scalp with salt would help unclog the pores, keep scalp clean and get rid of dandruff. Salt helps exfoliate scalp and keeps dead skin flakes at bay.
  • Salt absorbs excess sebum and prevents greasiness of scalp, thereby keeping sticky dandruff away.
  • Salt is extremely effective in removing extra moisture from hair and scalp, thereby retarding the formation and growth of fungus on scalp.


  • Salt Massage– Sprinkle salt on scalp with the help of salt-shaker and then wet your fingers before you start massaging your scalp. After massaging your scalp with salt for about 10 minutes, wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Let your hair dry and you can soon spot a difference!
  • Using Salt Solution– Heat a cup of water in a pan and add three tbsp salt into it. Stir well to dissolve the salt. Let it cool and then rinse your hair with this salt solution. Massage your scalp for 5 minutes and wash off as usual. This treatment also helps treat dandruff effectively.
  • Salt Mask For Scalp– For an effectual homemade salt treatment, mix 2 tbsp salt with 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp olive oil. Apply this mixture on wet scalp and then massage gently for 5 minutes. Wash with mild shampoo and follow up with some conditioner. Olive oil helps soothe scalp and relieve itching while the acidic nature of lemon juice as well as vitamin C contained in it, also helps treat dandruff. Go for this treatment twice every week for best results.


  • Have a wholesome, balanced diet rich in vitamins.
  • Incorporate plenty of leafy greens and proteins in the form of eggs, chicken and milk.
  • Drinks lots of water.
  • Don’t use chemical-based treatments for hair.
  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo from a reputed brand to keep flakiness away.