How to store bananas for a longer time

Bananas are a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamins and other such essential minerals that are essential for a great diet. They help to deal with cardiovascular diseases, stabilizes digestion, maintains blood pressure, increases bone density and  takes care of kidney health. They can be easily available in the supermarket and are low in prices as well. It is affordable by all the sections of the society. It is sweet in taste and is slightly caloric in nature. Wondering, how to store the bananas for a longer time? Here are few of the methods to store bananas for longer time:

How to store bananas for a longer timeRemove the plastic bags:

Storing bananas in a plastic bag is a bad idea. The moisture present in the plastic bag will spoil the bananas.You can store it in a basket.

Store bananas at room temperature:

Do not refrigerate bananas. If you have purchased green bananas, cover them with brown bags and store it for ripening. The bananas will ripen fully at room temperature and you can see the difference in taste as well. You can also place the unripe bananas with the ripe ones, this will help to ripen the green bananas quickly.

Allow fresh air to pass through:

Place the bananas near the window so that fresh air passes through them. This will allow the bananas to stay for a longer period.

Sliced bananas:

Yes, sliced bananas gets spoiled if kept for a longer. There is a way to store the sliced bananas as well. Sprinkle some lemon or vinegar juice over it and place it in the fridge. It will remain fresh for few hours.

Storing over riped bananas:

If the entire bunch of banana is ripe and you need to store it for longer time, separate the bananas from each other and place them individually.

Place unripe fruits with them:

If you want to deal with ripe bananas, place them with unripe fruits. This process will slow down the ripening process and you definitely can store it for longer time.

Wrap the stems in plastic wrap:

Do not wrap the complete bananas in a plastic bag. Just cover the stems of the bananas with a plastic bag. You can pull the banana whenever required and warp it again with the plastic bag.

Peel and refrigerate them:

You can peel the bananas and store them in fridge as it will be fresh for longer time.

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