After many uses you’ll find marks in your dishware, making it look old and worn down. After you’ve used it for a few years, the surfaces bear a lot of grey scuff marks from forks, spoons, and knives being dragged across the surface. Did you know that you could make those old looking (ofcourse they are indeed!) dishes sparkling new? Here are the top tips to remove scratches from dishware:


If you observe black dark scratches on your ceramic dishware, baking soda can effectively remove it. Such black marks are usually caused due to constant rubbing with silverware or aluminium.

How to use:  Rinse your affected dishware piece under running warm water. This helps remove any tiny food or dirt particles that might thwart your mark-removal efforts. Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a small mixing bowl. Slowly add water and stir the two ingredients together until you have a thick paste. Dip a clean, damp sponge into the baking soda paste. Apply the paste directly onto the black marks, using light pressure to rub it into the lines. Allow the paste to sit for three to five minutes. Rub the paste gently with the sponge in a circular motion until the black marks completely come off the dish.


Cream of tartar is a byproduct of wine making actually, it forms crystals which are then processed and used for many household and cooking applications.

How to use: Create a paste of water and cream of tartar (a thick paste, so add only as much water as you need).  For small scuff marks, just massage the paste over the mark and you should see it magically disappear.  If the whole plate is marked up, use the rag to wipe the paste over the plate.  Work the paste into the dish using a circular motion and when you don’t see marks anymore, rinse the paste off and buff dry with your drying cloth.

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