Bruises occur when you injure yourself or when you perform extreme physical effort such as weightlifting. This causes skin inflammation and discoloration. Bruises normally heal in about a week or two. Unfortunately, sometimes they can leave a mark on your skin that may take months to fade away. It will fade on its own, but there are several steps you can take to encourage faster fading of the bruise. Here’s what to do.



To get rid of bruises use the ice pack. In the event that you have recently gotten the bruise regardless it red, your best choice is put ice in to minimize the bruise. By tightening the blood vessels it prevents the blood from spilling out into the skin further.

How to use: Take a bit of ice and wrap it in a towel. A bag of peas (solidified), ice-cool water or a refrigerated tea bag can likewise be utilized on the affected area like 10 minutes for a day.


Every half cup of parsley leaves contain 55.9% of Vitamin K and 53.9% of Vitamin C. So evidently it reduces the inflammation, strengthens the capillaries and reduces pain.

How to use: To heal the bruises, you don’t need to intake the raw parsley leaves instead cruse these leaves and spread it on the bruised area. It will be absorbed by the skin automatically. Parsley leaves are known to heal bruises within a fortnight.


Blueberry is a blessing to any individual who is inclined to wounding. This healthy food is packed with vitamin C and flavonoids. The flavonoids can back to fortify your capillaries debilitated by the bruises. At the point when compared to different berries, blueberries are eminent for its high substance of vitamin E. Consume blueberries regularly to lighten bruise.


Onion works extraordinary for bruises, since it incorporates both pain remembering and anti-incendiary properties.

How to use: For getting rid of the bruise, you have to take one onion and make the slices of it. Now, you have to put the slice on affected area and leave for 30 minutes.

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