How to remove blood stains

To remove the blood stains are really tricky if once they set. If the stain is fresh and still wet you can pour cold water on it and gently rub it off but if the stains are hard then it turns difficult to remove.

How to remove blood stains

Clean blood stains with hydrogen Peroxide: Before you give a try to this make sure hydrogen peroxide bleach or weaken certain fabrics so use it cautiously and make sure to pretest the hydrogen peroxide on a small, inconspicuous spot on the stained item. On the blood stain pour the hydrogen peroxide, if the fabric is weak pour mix the hydrogen peroxide with 50% water. Make sure the stains wont foam out of the original stain,Wipe away the foam using a cloth and pour on a bit of hydrogen peroxide again until the stain is gone or extremely faint. Once this procedure is done wash the cloth with cold water and washing detergent.

Salt and water for delicate Fabrics: With salt and water paste you can treat blood stains easily, Its good way to treat the delicate fabrics, First turn the cloth inside out and flush water into the stainsMix a little water with salt to create a paste. You want to saturate the stain with salt, so the amount of paste you will need depends on the size of your stain. Rub this paste on the stains area and rinse it with cold water. If stain still exist repeat the procedure.

Tips : Never wash a blood stain in the warm or the hot water because it will bond the stain permanently to the fibers of the fabrics.

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