Drawer liners are a great way of keeping clothes fresh and clean during storage. They can be quite expensive to purchase and they may not carry a scent that pleases you either. Avoid the cost and personalise your drawer liners by making your own. Drawer liners are one way of infusing your dressers with a delicate scent! Most drawer liners can cost a pretty penny! They are also limited in fragrance and design. Making your own personalized drawer liners is easy, inexpensive and lets you be creative! Here is how to make a scented drawer liner:


  • Easy to make
  • You can add any scent you want
  • Keeps drawers and contents fresh
  • Since you use essential oils, they are free of harmful synthetic fragrances
  • Antibacterial essential oils can be used to prevent mould and moths


Things you’ll need-

  • good quality wrapping paper or a cloth paper
  • essential oil of your choice
  • warm water


  • Measure and cut the paper to fit each drawer.
  • Mix a couple drop of oil with warm water in a spray bottle.  You could use a small travel-sized spray bottle and add just a few of drops of essential oil or vanilla oil if you like and fill it with warm water.  Shake! The more essential oil you use the stronger the scent will be.
  • Shake the spray bottle. Spray the back side of the paper. Do not soak it! Just a good even spray.
  • Let it COMPLETELY dry on a flat surface. Spraying it will take some of the “roll” out of the paper.
  • Iron it gently on the lowest setting with the steam off. You might want to put a piece of brown craft paper between your ironing board and your paper so the ironing board does not pick up the scent.
  • Put the liners into your drawers.
  • You are done!
  • Refresh them periodically.

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