Eyeglasses are prone to getting dirty and this directly affects the vision. Eyeglasses should be crystal clear and to maintain the lens that way you need to clean it frequently. Eyeglasses are prone to buildup of natural oils from your hands, face, and eyelashes, creating a sticky layer of dirt and grime. Cleaning the eyeglasses with any random cloth can lead to minor scratches that can make the vision blurry. Here is how you can clean your eye glasses:


Hold the eyeglass lens under warm running water. Turn off the tap and put few drops of liquid dish washing soap on the glass. Using fingers, gently rub the glass from both the sides until dense foam is formed. After few minutes, rinse the eyeglass under running water and do not forget to rinse the frame and ear holder. Wipe the eyeglass and lens using dry, soft cotton cloth.


Most of the liquid eyeglass cleaners are made using alcohol. You too can make your own eyeglass liquid cleaner with just few easily available 3 ingredients- rubbing alcohol, liquid soap and water. Fill 2/3 of the bottle with rubbing alcohol and add just a few drops of the liquid soap to the bottle. Fill the rest of bottle with water and mix well. Your homemade eyeglass liquid cleaning solution is ready.


Vinegar effectively cleans your eyeglasses and makes them squeaky clean, but do not use it very often. Dampen a clean soft cotton cloth with white vinegar and simply use it to wipe your eyeglass lens and also the ear holder and frame. Follow with a dry microfiber cloth.


Take very little amount of toothpaste on a cloth and buff it on the eyeglass lens. Do this without water for few minutes and ten dampen the cloth and again begin buffing. Finally, rinse the eyeglass under running water and wipe off using dry cotton cloth.

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