A good pair of shoes that is properly cared for will last a lifetime. It’d be a financial burden to have to buy new shoes every time a current pair gets scuffed up, especially if you use leather shoes! Leather shoes look beautiful but needs proper care and maintenance! Most of us are usually afraid to clean our leather shoes or jackets for fear of ruining their soft, pleasant texture. Worried about how to clean your leather shoes? Here are some tips you need to be aware of:


Polish regularly: Polish your fancy leather shoes regularly in order to preserve moisture and maintain their lasting shine. Moreover as soon as you return home, wipe the muck off your footwear using a clean and moist wash cloth and scrub away any dirt then and there.

Dry thoroughly: If you have sweaty feet or if your leather shoes get wet on a rainy day or a water puddle, then give them some time to dry off. Make sure you dry them in shade or under fast running fan.

Use tea tree oil: If you experience odor in your leather shoes (due to sweaty feet, socks, monsoon etc.) swab them with alcohol or a drop of an antifungal agent such as tea tree oil both internally and externally. Remember not to splash to avoid staining the leather.

Moisture protection: It is important that your leather shoes have ptimum moisture or excessive dryness can cause scaling. Polish your shoes once in a while with mink oil; it is waterproof and preserves the shoe, but it can darken lighter shades of leathers so be careful.

Use specific cleaners only: Don’t use any cleaner on leather that contains an acid or a detergent. You can use a soap or a cleaner made specifically for shoe leather. Apply with a damp cloth, wipe off and let dry.

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