homemade fabric softener

Homemade softener are easy to make, low cost. The natural homemade softener leaves behind your clothes soft and static free without leaving a chemical film and artificial fragrance on your laundry.

homemade fabric softener

Rinse with Epson salt and baking soda : Take 2 cup of Epson salt and add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil and stir it. I prefer lemon essential oil for its bright. Take 1/2 cup of baking soda alternately and add it separate, which works well. After mixing all the ingredients together store it in a air tight jar and use 2-3 tablespoon and toss in with your cloths before rinsing. If using the baking soda separately, add half a cup to each load.

Rinse with Vinegar: Take 1 gallon of vinegar and mix with 25-30 drops of essential oil. Let both the liquids mix well. Vinegar is the component responsible for softening of clothes, strips away residue on your clothes that would otherwise make them stiff, and it has properties that can break down some of the minerals found in hard water supplies. Add 1/4 cup to your rinse cycle or add the same amount directly to the washer just before the rinse cycle begins.

Rinse with Baking soda: Mix 1 cups of baking soda with 500ml of hot water. Combine both the ingredients well in a large bucket. This works best for the people who have hard water. Note that baking soda will not get dissolve, but it should be completely soaked. Baking sods regulates the pH level in your rinse water and also cancels out mineral deposits like those found in hard water, these mineral deposits are often responsible for making clothes stiff.

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