GREEN TEA FOR CLEAR SKINWhen the sebaceous gland produces excess sebum- the natural oil that moisturizes skin, it accumulates in pores along with dirt, makeup, and other toxins, causing swollen, red bumps to form on the skin. Acne usually appears on the face, neck, back, and chest, and it has many causes, including poor hygiene, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, pregnancy, and the use of certain medications. There are several prescription pills and over-the-top medications and drugs available these days to treat acne. But if you already have the natural ingredients that will prevent the formation of acne and scars, then treatment methods are out of question. Green tea once such thing that can effectively cure and prevent acne and give you a clear glowing skin!


  • Green tea helps reduce the rashes and scars formed because of this acne condition by fighting against skin inflammation.
  • Green tea is rich in polyphenols. These are the chemical compounds that give it its antioxidant property. Whether you take it internally or apply it externally, the effect will be more or less the same. Antioxidants fight the free radicals that would otherwise attack your skin cells.
  • Green tea has an inherent property to lower swelling, inflammation and redness. When a tea bag with brewed green tea leaves is applied directly on the acne, the bacteria and toxins are drawn out healing the acne lesions.
  • Green tea can make your skin produce less sebum, reduce your inflammation levels, and boost your immune system. That’s a powerful trio of effects for acne-busting and getting a clear skin!


Consuming green tea – Drink at least 4-5 cups of green tea daily. Choose the caffeine free varieties. Make sure you use fresh water and green tea leaves for brewing. Also source the green tea from reputed vendors.

Green tea facial – If you have blemishes on your skin, you can try a green tea facial. Boil a pot of green tea and steam for face with it for 10 minutes. Then dab the tea bag on the affected area. You can also use cotton to apply this tea externally. Let it dry on its own and wash it off with cold water.

Green tea toner – Brew green tea and add few drops of tea tree oil to it. Store it in a bottle in fridge and this can be used for a week. Apply the toner with cotton ball on affected area every day.

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