Get rid of Dark Circles with this simple home remedy.

Refresh tired eyes and also get rid of under eye bags and dark circles with potato juice.

Potato contains catecholase (or catechol oxidase), it works as a mild bleach that lightens the skin as well as brightens it thus making it an excellent natural ingredient to treat dark circles.

Dark Circle Mask: Mix 1 tbsp of raw potato juice, 1 tsp of honey with few drops of lemon juice, store it in a container and refrigerate. Apply the mask under your eyes, leave it on for 30 mins and rinse off. You can also use the mask on your entire face to get rid of any uneven skin.

Eye Massage: Apply a drop of pure vitamin e oil, almond oil or extra virgin coconut oil to your ring finger and gently massage it into your eyes to lighten the skin and also reduce fine lines under your eyes.

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