Bed bugs have undergone a dramatic, worldwide resurgence since they have now evolved resistance to common insecticides. Bed bugs are one of the great travellers of the world and are readily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. Bed bugs can bite at all possible areas in your body, causing itching, rashes and blisters around the affected area. Read on to find out how to get rid of bed bugs in your own home:

GET RID OF BED BUGS WITH HOME REMEDIESIf you can get hold of some silica gel, it can be used to eliminate bed bugs! Grind up some crystal silica gel and apply it all over in your bedroom. Put some on your mattress, around the bed and along the wall. The fine silica gel will get stuck to the bug and it cannot be shaken off, causing the bug to dehydrate and die. Be careful not to inhale it.

Rubbing alcohols are generally used to disinfect the bitten area of your body. But you can also use it by spraying the alcohol in the areas where the bed bugs thrive. It helps to clean the infected areas.

Tea tree oils help keep the bed bugs away from your bed due to its strong and pungent smell. So, you can spray the oil all around your bed and any other infected areas to prevent the bed bugs from attacking you while you are in deep sleep.

Desiccation properties of baking soda can help you deal with bed bugs. dip a paintbrush into a bowl of baking soda, and use the brush to spread a light layer of the soda around the cracks and crevices where you believe bed bugs are hiding. Don’t forget to address between the mattress and bed spring. Cover all surfaces of the mattress, including the frame. Vacuum the baking soda after a couple of days, and then reapply treatment.

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