Bathroom odor can be of various reasons like toilet smell, basin smell, the shower curtains odor and even the dirty towels hung in the bathroom. So to remove off the odor from the bath room you need to concentrate on every single item that is available in your bath room. I have listed out some of the tips which can help you out to get rid of bathroom odors.

Get Rid of Bathroom OdorTip 1: Keep the bathroom ventilator or window open, sometimes simply opening the windows can vanish off the smell.

Tip 2 : Clean up your toilet on the regular basis, simply flush your toilet to make sure it is clean. Replace the wax seal under the toilet at the floor.

Tip 3: Light a scented candle in the toilet as this will help to neutralize the odor.

Tip 4: If your are having small kids at home you can avoid using candles and spray off room freshener.

Tip 5: Keep the bathroom door open when not in use. This will ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated.

Tip 6:If you have a shower curtains make sure you clean it off as odor can be due to the wet greasy shower curtains too.

Tip 7: Do not place your used towels or cloths in the bathroom, this is one more reason for the bad odor.

Tip 8: Clean your entire bathroom with baking soda and white vinegar. Just sprinkle baking soda in the bathroom and let it sit for some time before you start off with scrubbing work. Once your done with the scrubbing job rinse the bathroom with diluted white vinegar. Most chemical deodorizers only cover odors temporarily, while baking soda and vinegar get rid of odor-causing bacteria for good.

Tip 9: Use few drops of essential oil in your toilet paper roll, which beautifully scents your bathroom.

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