Homemade Soothing Eye Masks for dark circles and puffy eyes

Since the dawn of civilization, herbs have functioned as a source of healing and sustained health. Eyes speak your health and tired or dull eyes can depict poor health! Eye masks can help relax your tired and overworked eyes after a long day of work. Eye puffiness, eye redness, and eye irritation can happen due to long hours of staring into the computer screen, like most of us do. So use one of these easy DIY eye masks to rejuvenate and relax your eyes.

NOTE: One basic thing in all the recipes is a fabric cut out in the shape of sunglasses. You will need to soak it in the eye mask solutions/mixtures and place them on eyes.

Homemade Soothing Eye Masks for dark circles and puffy eyesCUCUMBER EYE MASK

You need green tea bags (choose one that includes various herbs, like chamomile), a sprig of mint, and a small cucumber. Heat roughly six ounces of water till it’s steaming. Do not boil the water- remember you’ll be applying this to the delicate skin of your face! Next, roughly chop your mint, slice a few pieces of cucumber and place in the water with green tea bags. Allow the ingredients to steep for 5 – 10 minutes before also soaking the mask in the mixture for several minutes. You can apply use the mask warm or keep it in fridge if you like it chilled.


Milk contains naturally soothing ingredients such as protein, amino acids and lactic acid to calm and ease puffy, weary eyes. Simply add little honey to warm milk, mix it well and keep in the fridge for 30 minutes. Dip the eye mask fabric in mixture and let it soak for 5 minutes. Place the mask on eyes for 30 minutes.