ESSENTIAL OILS: NATURES BEST MOSQUITO REPELLENTSMosquitoes can sometimes get very irritating, especially in summers! Almost everyone hate the smell of chemical mosquito repellent sprays and I am no exception. Well, there are many essential oils which can do the trick in repelling those nasty buzzing mosquitoes! Read on to know about mosquito repellent essential oils.

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL – In one study, peppermint essential oil showed repellent action when applied to exposed body parts. It also displayed significant larvicidal and mosquito repellent action. If you would prefer a fresh and minty clean aroma in your bug spray rather than that icky chemical smell, peppermint is the perfect choice. Peppermint is a natural insecticide that kills as well as repels mosquitoes.

PINE ESSENTIAL OIL – If you love camping but despise using chemical bug sprays, pine is your perfect companion. A natural repellent against mosquitoes, pine will also keep you smelling fresh as the forest!

THYME ESSENTIAL OIL – Thyme has been found to be a highly effective insecticide against houseflies. A 2005 study also found thyme to be an excellent mosquito repellent as well. Win, win!

BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL – Not just a zesty addition to your tomato sauce, basil essential oil is ideal for summer pest control. One study showed basil essential oil exhibiting both mosquito repellent and larvicidal activity. Basil is uplifting oil, so add some to an atomizer and spray outside for a natural mosquito repellent and a well-deserved mood boost!

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – When you think of lavender, relaxation and restful sleep are usually the first things that come to mind. But along with its lovely floral aroma and soothing qualities, lavender is also effective at battling the mosquitoes. Lavender oil can be sprayed from an atomizer or left in a saucer to help keep away ants and mosquitoes, and to disinfect the air.

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