Easily remove candle wax from containers

Candle wax can be easily removed from anything, you just need to know the exact way to remove it. Today will share some hot and cold treatment tips to treat the candle wax from the cloths, surfaces etc.

Easily remove candle wax

Remove Wax with Hair Dryer: Just scrap away the excess wax from the surface,then apply heat with the help of blow dryer. Now wash off the area with hot soapy water to remove the residue. If still some wax has been left out then repeat the procedure again and and then wash it off with one part of vinegar to 3 part of water.

Remove wax with the iron Box: This methods works good for the fabrics. Turn on the iron and put paper on the top of the troublesome wax, making sure that they are as large or larger than the iron. Cover the layer of paper towels with a fabric kitchen towel. Now place the iron on the kitchen towel and gently rub the iron box as if you ironing it. This method is similar as we use in hair drier but this method differs because this allows to soak up wax as it melts.

Cooling and Scraping with canned air: The method of removing the wax is completely different then the above two methods. Here we make use of cooling process and this is very effective for the hard surfaces like table, counter top etc. First get a canned air this is easily available at stores and blow on the wax to cool it off. Now scrub the wax away with the edges of credit cards or some other similar plastic stiff plastic. Now clean the surface with the regular cleaner. Now place a ice cube to remove off the minor puddles if any.


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