Who does not wish to have healthy hair even after using heat tools? If you are obsessed with your hair, you sure must be using a lot of heat treatments for hair styling.  Regular usage of such treatments can leave your hair dry and lifeless. There are a lot of heat protectant sprays available in the market that protects your hair from the harmful side effects of heat treatments; but they are loaded with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that certainly aren’t good your hair. Here is how you can make your own natural heat protectant spray:


  • Grape seed oil makes hair shiny and smooth and also creates a non-greasy protective layer on the hair.
  • Hair conditioner contains silicone that too forms a protective layer on the hair.
  • Coconut oil is a natural hair softener that prevents fizziness caused by heat.
  • Essential oils make your hair smell good. The typical hair-burning smell won’t be there.


Things you need:

  • Grape seed oil
  • Hair conditioner or shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils of your choice


  • In a spray bottle, add distilled water, little more than half of the bottle size.
  • Add few drops of grape seed oil to the water. If you have frizzy hair, add little more.
  • Now, add 2-3 drops of coconut oil to the water. Do not add more or it will make your hair greasy or fry your hair. Only 2-3 drops is enough.
  • Now add a coin sized amount of hair conditioner or ½ teaspoon of shea butter melted with little coconut oil if you want the result to be purely natural or if you have very damaged hair. Shake the bottle a bit to mix up all the ingredients. The mixture might foam a bit, but don’t worry, it will turn milky once the foam settles down.
  • Add few drops of lavender essential oil or orange essential oil or any other essential oil of your choice.
  • Shake the bottle and add more water till the brim of bottle. Shake well and use it like you normally use a heat protectant spray.

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