DIY LEMONADE BODY SPRAYLemonade and summer are a match made in heaven! No no, I am not talking about drinking lemonade to beat the heat, I am talking about lemonade citrusy fragrance! Lemon is uplifting and refreshing for the body and mind. Exactly what we need on hot, hot days! Here I am today with an interesting and easy DIY- Lemonade Body Spray:

Before heading on to the recipe, let us know how this body spray benefits us:

  • Citrus such as Lemon or Orange Essential Oils are mood enhancers.
  • Lemon juice helps keep skin free of blemishes (bacne)
  • Won’t cause headache to people who have sensitive noses.
  • This body spray is great after swimming too, because the citrus oils seem to have some clever reaction that magically combats the smell of chlorine.

Here is the recipe for DIY Lemonade Body Spray – Things you need:

  • Half cup Roses water
  • 1 tablespoon vodka or witch hazel (whatever you have)
  • 15-20 drops lemon essential oil
  • A spray bottle


  • Combine all the ingredients and fill it in the spray bottle
  • Always shake well before using

Note: Do not use liberally over exposed skin surfaces if you have sensitive skin as the citrus can cause skin irritation from sunburn.

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