How to Make Your Own Gel Hand Sanitizer

DIY Homemade all natural hand sanitizerSimple and easy Homemade Natural Hand Sanitizer recipe –

Plain Vinegar: 

Vinegar is an antibacterial agent that kills 99 percent of bacteria. It’s also nontoxic, non-polluting and edible. Keep in a small spray bottle in your bag and spray on your hands. You can add in few drops of lavender or any other essential oil to cover the string smell of vinegar.

DIY essential oil hand sanitizer –

  •  5 ounces aloe vera gel;
  • 1 ounce witch hazel;
  • 8 to 10 drops of any pure essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Method – Put in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze a few drops onto hands and rub all over hands. Add in few drops of vitamin e oil to help preserve the sanitizer and make it last long.

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