Since literally the dawn of man, toothpicks have been used as a tooth-cleaning device. With the advent of tooth-brushing and flossing, however, toothpicks fell out of favour as a tooth cleaner, but were held onto (primarily by men) as simply a small wood stick to chew on. While chewing on toothpicks is enjoyable on its own, you can make it an even better experience by flavouring them.

Flavoured toothpicks not only help clean the teeth but also help with the breath. Why buy expensive flavoured toothpicks when you can make one for yourself? Here is the easy way to make it-


  • Easy to make
  • Not expensive at all
  • Can add different flavours according to one’s choice
  • Freshens breath

Things you need:

  • Toothpicks
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • A jar (preferable rectangular)
  • Stack of tissue papers


  • Pour some of the oil in the jar
  • Soak the toothpicks in it and close the lid
  • Let it marinate for few hours
  • Finally, take out all the wet toothpicks and keep them on paper towels for a day
  • Enjoy!

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