DIY Coconut Hair Repair Treatment

Coconut oil is wonder carrier oil! It can be mixed with almost any oils and natural sources to treat various skin and hair conditions. My mom used to make some faint greenish coloured oil for hair which I never really understood what that is until I grew up. I have thick and long, healthy looking luxurious hair with almost no hair problems, thanks to years of using that oil! As I stopped using shampoo, I had to ditch oiling hair but trust me, my hair is still healthy and at its top condition, so I am pretty sure this oil does not work just ‘TEMPORARY’, it will have its benefits even if you skip it (obviously after religiously using it).DIY Coconut Hair Repair Treatment

Here are the top benefits of using this oil (as per experience and some research)

  • Repairs frizzy, dry and damaged hair
  • Controls dandruff when used regularly
  • Makes hair luxurious
  • Herbs used in this recipe are all anti-bacterial and have natural conditioners
  • Improves overall hair texture and prevents split ends
  • Can be used as hot oil hair treatment (2 hours before shampooing) and as a night treatment.

Here is my mom’s recipe for DIY Coconut Hair Repair Treatment:

Things you need:

  • 4-5 curry leaves
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 4-5 basil leaves
  • 4-5 hibiscus leaves
  • 2-3 hibiscus flower petals (fresh or dried)
  • Half cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon argan oil (optional)
  • Few drops tea tree oil (in case of dandruff)


  • Mix all the oils and let it boil
  • Put the grinded leaves and flower petals in the boiling oil (be careful to quickly put a lid on the vessel)
  • Let it boil till the foam completely disappears and the leaves and flower have completely fried (my mom sprinkles some water in it to speed up the process but be careful to put a lid immediately)
  • Turn off the flame and let the oil cool
  • Store this oil in a bottle or container with the leaf and flower debris steeped in it.
  • Use it as and when required.

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