Deep-Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning of Garbage on the daily basis is very important as it avoids blockage of pipes and prevents bad odor. The food remaining and the soap water might get stuck in the sink and it results in bad odor. To keep them running properly and lasting for a long time they require to be treated on the daily care. So check out the different methods of cleaning your garbage with the help of some simple ingredients.

Deep-Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Routine Usage: Cleaning your sink each day is very important to flush off the dirt stuck in the sink pipe. First run the sink with hot water in full pressure, this will push off the particles and other dirt stuffs from the pipes. Now block the sink and fill it with hot water. Add the regular dish washer detergents and leave it for about 20 min. Remove the knob and flush off the water. Doing this regularly you can keep your sink clean and odor free.

Deodorizing Cleaning:  First run the sink with hot water this will flush off the remaining particles. Now run a couple of ice cubes through to loosen food that may be stuck to the blades or grinders. This is also believed to sharpen the blades. Take 1/2 cup of baking soda and cover the garbage drain completely with it. Now pour white vinegar as it is a natural bacteria killer and let it sit for about 30 min. Now run water for about 40 seconds and with the help of tooth brush or the dish washer scrubber scrub the sink body parts. Final step run the hot water and your cleaning is completely done.

Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning has to be done ones or twice in a month as this include complete cleaning of the sink and as a result your sink will last for long time. As first step as usual run the hotwater to the sink. Purchase a rubber test cap that has a stainless steel clamp. This cap is used to block the sink so that you can soak the pipes in the solution in the sink. Half fill the sink with warm water and add 1/2 cup powered oxygen bleach and let it sit for about 30min. Clean the other body parts with the scrubber and the tooth brush then flush off the water into a bucket. Fix the pipe and run a set of hotwater and warm water.


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