Want to have darker hair but aren’t willing to destroy your hair with chemicals and artificial hair colors? It’s possible to make your hair dark without having to use harmful bleaches and dyes. These methods you can use at home by yourself. They are all inexpensive and should cost no more than ten dollars.


Black tea has a staining effect on the hair. This is how to use black tea to colour your hair.

How to use: Brew a pot of some strong black tea. Let it cool down and put into a bowl. Rinse the black tea into your hair a few times. Rinse on last time waiting ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing out completely. Shampoo and condition your hair.


The coffee stains your hair and makes it a darker colour. For a deeper colour change you may have to repeat the process several times. The best results are for changes to light and medium shades of brown.

How to use: Brew some strong coffee (darker blends are best) and let it cool down. Pour the coffee into a bowl. In the shower wash your hair normally and use the coffee as a rinse passed through your hair several times. Rinse with water and then wash your hair again, rinse and apply a conditioner. Towel dry your hair.


Rub it on your hair every night (preferably during the night because of the smell) and leave it on your hair for a few hours. To prevent the odour put the shower cap or plastic bag on the head. You can also let mustard oil on through the whole night and wash it in the morning.


Mix soy sauce and vinegar in equal proportion and use them to rinse the hair after shampooing. Don’t worry about the smell, it will evaporate quickly.