The toughest stains to remove are oily and greasy stains. Grease is not only oily and sticky, but it is dark that can make stains clearly visible. As a plus, it also tends to spread rapidly so the sooner you get of it, the better. Are you still using commercial cleaners containing harmful ingredients around the house? 

lemon juice and salt to remove grease stains

Salt is a natural non-toxic ingredient that can help you get rid of grease stains from almost any surface. Below is how you can use this ingredient to clean grease stains:

METHOD 1: If the grease stain is still fresh, sprinkle some water on it and layer it with table salt. Let the salt sit on the dirt and stained areas for 30 minutes and scrub it away using a wash cloth or toothbrush.

METHOD 2: make a paste of salt and lemon juice and apply it on the grease stain. Let it stay for 30 minutes and toss it in washing machine. You might want to repeat this to completely remove the stain.

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